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The specific characteristics of the target audience. It includes variables like age, income, gender and occupation.
The process of freeing up previously restricted markets to a range of competitors.
The factors that contribute to the appearance and functionality of a product.
Emphasising some aspect(s) of a product or service that makes it stand out from the similar product or service sold by other producers.
A way of doing business that involves selling directly to end customers instead of through intermediate distributors and resellers.
Sending messages directly to consumers through various means including flyers and e-mail. Direct marketing usually includes a call to action in the material.
A staff member who reports directly to a manager.
People in the organisation who are directly accountable to a particular manager.
The movement of goods and services from the supplier to the final consumer.
An approach to investment that emphasises the need to have a range of investment types as part of an investor's portfolio. This allows the risk of investment to be spread.
The participation of a business in a range of different sectors and/or industries. It can result in improved income streams and a method of spreading risk.
The part of a company's earnings that is distributed to shareholders in return for their capital - they are paid regularly (usually half-yearly) and provide some indication of the company's success.
An independent unit within a company or group of companies which has a focus on a particular aspect of the business - divisions can be established by product/service type, geography or customer.
The buyers and sellers within a company's own country.
An indirect reporting line to a supervisor. In a company's organisational chart, employees will have a line that shows their immediate supervisor. A dotted line is used to show an indirect report.
A registered public company that has its securities traded on more than one stock exchange.
The process of investigation into the details of a potential investment, such as the examination of operations, management and financial reports.

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