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The gaining of control of a business. See also, acquisition, merger
A conscious, deliberate approach undertaken by a company to attract, develop and retain people with the aptitude and abilities to meet current and future organisational needs.
A particular market segment/group at which a marketing campaign is focused.
The group of customers that a product or service is designed to satisfy
A tax imposed on imported goods to make them more expensive and thus protect the domestic market.
When people within a workplace work together cooperatively.
Refers to a situation when employees are able to work from home. Instead of commuting via transport to an actual office, they are able to replace commuting with telecommunication links to their place of work.
A process by which one can seek prices and terms for a particular project (such as a construction job) to be carried out under a contract.
The length of time taken in the product development process from product idea to the finished product.
A comprehensive and structured approach to organisational management that seeks to improve the quality of products and services through ongoing refinements in response to continuous feedback.
Regulations such as tariffs, quotas and subsidies to protect domestic producers.
When one area of progress improves at the expense of another as a result of a decision
The organisation that represents British trade unions at a national level
Activities designed to improve the competence and ability of individuals in order to better enable an organisation to meet its objectives
Organisations operating to achieve economic objectives such as market success, environmental objectives such as sustainability, and social objectives.
Measuring and reporting business performance using economic, social and environmental indicators.
The amount of money earned by a business through sales of goods and services.

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