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Boosting your reputation


Your case study in Australian Business Case Studies will enhance your reputation amongst the discerning consumers of today and tomorrow.

A better understanding and opinion of the organisation will lead to more purchases and profit. You'll achieve this in a way that helps young people improve their exam grades and understand more about the businesses that supply the goods and services they consume.

Some of the messages you may like to share are shown below. Some of the business studies curriculum topics that could deliver that message are also shown in brackets.

  • You recognise that the different people your organisation touches have different needs and do your utmost to meet those needs/stakeholders/ethics and social responsibility/product development/innovation).
  • You're passionate about the enduring values of your organisation and whilst moving forward in this world of change you still believe in doing what is essentially right (business environment/ethics and social responsibility/change management/).
  • As a responsible business you look to the future - you want to ensure your organisation flourishes to the benefit of all your stakeholders, and you recognise your environmental impact must be minimised (sustainability/change management/risk management).

You will receive a full statistical breakdown on web traffic for your case study including downloads made so you can assess your return on investment. You'll also learn of the impact of the case study on opinions through web polls, surveys and focus groups.

Commission a case study for your business

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