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For Businesses ยป Building your employer brand

Building your employer brand


Benefits to your business

Your case study will build your employer brand so you can attract more applicants, select better candidates and ultimately increase the effectiveness and profitability of your organisation.

You'll achieve this in a way that helps young people improve their exam grades and understand the world in which they will work.

What would you like to say to 600,000 potential applicants?

Some of the messages you may like to share are shown below. Some of business studies curriculum topics that would deliver that message are also shown in brackets.

  • You have an excellent graduate scheme (Careers).
  • How to apply to your organisation and the roles available (Recruitment and selection/Human resource planning)
  • Your organisation is a great place to work because individual employees' needs are understood and met (Induction/Employee relations/Managment skills/Diversity management).
  • You recognise the aspirations of your employees to progress, moving onwards and upwards (Training systems and programs/Performance management).
  • You will receive a full statistical breakdown on web traffic for your case study including downloads made so you can assess your return on investment. You'll also learn of the impact of the case study on opinions through web polls and focus groups.

Commission a case study for your business

If your company or organisation would like to be part of Australia & New Zealand's best case study resource, apply for a case study online or phone us on 
02 4991 2874 in Australia and 0800 990 999 in New Zealand.

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