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Australian Business Case Studies for businesses and other organisations

Welcome to Australian Business Case Studies. This section details the benefits to your business or organisation of working with Australian Business Case Studies and how your company can interact with young people to get your message across with the use of a business case study.

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How would you like to enhance 600,000 young people's understanding and opinion of your organisation?


Commissioning a case study in Australian Business Case Studies enhances your organisation's reputation amongst potential applicants and young consumers so you can recruit better staff, attract more customers and, ultimately, increase profits.

The case studies put your business into classrooms and lecture theatres in every school, college, TAFE and university in the Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Business Case Studies brings the following benefits

  • Increased awareness of you are
  • Improved understanding of what you do
  • Enhanced opinions of your organisation
  • Forms part of your corporate responsibility/sustainability program

Australian Business Case Studies creates huge impact attracted 120,000  visitors in the last 12 months and traffic is growing at 40% each year. 

Case studies form part of the teaching toolkit in every school, college, TAFE and university in Australia and New Zealand. Over 600,000 16-22 year olds are studying business and have access to these case studies on the participating business online.

How can Australian and New Zealand Business Case Studies with Business News help your business?

  • It is a powerful vehicle to positively influence young people's opinions of your business, demonstrate your ethical approach and position your business as an attractive employment prospect.
  • It allows you to introduce young people to new products, brands and business practices.
  • The case study format can be used effectively to correct common misconceptions about your organisation, its role in society and its values.
  • It allows you to build your reputation by demonstrating your commitment to forward-thinking business planning and innovative strategy.

What teachers are saying about Australian and New Zealand Case Studies with Business News

"They are beautifully done and will be well used. It is such a thrill to receive something so useful and well done for nothing. I just wanted you to know your effort is appreciated and your input into the education of our students noted. Thank you."

Earnshaw State College

"A fantastic resource – thank you!"

Tara Anglican School for Girls, North Parramatta, NSW

"We have found the resource to be outstanding for Commerce and Business Studies."

St George Girls High School, Kogarah, NSW

"Thank you very much for this valuable resource. We will definitely be using it."

Morayfield State High School, Caboolture, QLD

"A very worthwhile and useful resource."

Bonnyrigg High School

How can my organisation participate in Australian and New Zealand Case Studies with Business News?

We have numerous packages available to help you position your business with Australia and New Zealand's young people. For more details, please contact us through this website or call 02 4991 2874 in Australia and 0800 990 999 in NZ for more information.

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