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A selection of what people are buying; also refers to goods used by governments to determine the Consumer Price Index.
A process where a business compares its performance in a particular area with that of other, similar businesses. Often businesses seek an international benchmark.
A proven method or system that is recognised as being the most successful. Organisations attempt to develop best practice approaches to deliver on their mission and objectives.
A processed fuel derived from biological sources equivalent to diesel.
A fuel obtained from a renewable biological source, such as plants.
A variety of all life forms including different plants, animals and micro-organisms, their genes and the eco-systems of which they form a part.
Abbreviation for biotechnology. Biotechnology is any technique used to make or modify the products of living organisms in order to improve plants or animals.
Officers of the company charged with the conduct and management of its affairs.
The net profit or loss of a company or organisation.
A method of generating ideas involving asking groups of people to think up concepts regardless of how fanciful they might seem. The complete list of brainstormed ideas can then be analysed to ascertain what is feasible.
The trading name of a product that has a high level of recognition in the market place. Successful development of the brand and 'brand mark' (identifying symbols and design) is a considerable marketing tool.
The profile that a particular product has with consumers in the market. Advertising can enhance brand awareness.
The marketing effect or outcome that a brand name product gets compared to the same product without a brand name.
When consumers continue to buy the same brand of a product or products, i.e. they do not buy that product from a range of brand producers.
The application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line or brand.
The application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line or brand. The basic characteristics and core values of a brand.
The key aspects, message, or factors specific to the brand. A brand value can create an immediate and identifiable association in the mind of a consumer.
When a television program receives its revenue from specific advertisers who promote their products during the show.
The public image of a company ranging from its logo, name and design to the image that it projects to other parties. Part of a company’s branding can also include the way it deals with its customers, its advertising or its involvement in the communi
A set of moral principles that an organisation needs to establish and follow.
The framework within which a business operates. It will describe how a business expects to generate its revenue so that it is a success.
The targets that a business pan sets out to achieve.
A written document detailing the overall plan for the business in terms of marketing, operations and finance.
The role of establishing the future direction of the business that involves outlining the series of actions required in a given period.
A course of future action that a business sets in place which will guide its future activities, decisions and processes.
When a business is broken up into distinct groups, for example it may be based on a geographic region.

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