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Physical and mental contributions made to production by employees.
The right to use property or land for a limited period of time.
An alternative word for law, which is passed by federal or state governments.
A charge paid by producers and an industry to fund activities such as research and development (R&D), training and marketing and promotion.
When a business grants permission to another party to undertake a particular activity.
Managers directly responsible for the production and delivery of the goods or service.
Natural gas that has been liquefied by refrigeration or pressure (to -161 degrees centigrade), to facilitate storage and transport.
A company that has its shares available for trade, as a public company, on the Australian Securities Exchange.
Export of live animals including sheep, cattle, goats, diary cattle, alpacas and camels.
Where an individual, a group of people or an organisation applies pressure on another person, organisation or government to bring about change on a particular issue, behaviour or law.
Acquiring goods and services from local suppliers in the community.
The process of modifying products or services to account for differences in distinct markets.
An image which represents a brand or product.

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