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Represents an index of the 100 largest and mid-capitalised companies listed on the Australian share market
Money set aside for future use.
A fraudulent, dishonest or deceptive way of getting money from consumers.
Co-ordinating the multiple related tasks and objectives of a project into a timeline, specifying the order and allotted time for each part.
A form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages through the use of search engine optimisation, paid placement,contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.
The process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via 'natural' or un-paid search results.
The owner of shares in a company.
A combination of the knowledge, talent, and abilities that are needed to perform a specific job
If few positions exist within an industry, highly skilled and trained workers will seek positions elsewhere, usually overseas.
A deficiency in the skills required by employees in relation to those that are required to effectively complete their job role.
Small businesses are generally seen as having between 1- 19 employees and medium-sized businesses up to 250 employees, but definitions can vary slightly
Practices and policies that take into account business objectives which match society's expectations of how a company should be behave.
Matters that affect society. For example, environmental issues, poverty, human rights, disctimination and crime.
The online tools used to share content, profiles, opinions, media etc, facilitating conversations and interaction online. Includes blogs, message boards, podcasts, bookmarks, wikis, vlogs, networks, communities etc.
Increases in the wellbeing of the population; a reduction of threats, and increases in social cohesion, protection and enhancement of democratic rights.
Where a business undertakes activities that are seen to not just have benefit for that business (such as adding to shareholder value) but have measurable benefit (or limited negative outcomes) for the broader society.
Activities of business that are seen to not just have benefit for that business (such as adding to shareholder value) but have measurable benefit for the broader society.
Relating to the management of people and contributions to the economy.
The identification of particular characteristics of goods and services desired by consumers which act as objectives for production decisions
A way of starting a new company by separating from an existing one
When a business develops an association with a particular program that provides benefits to all parties involved.
A partnership between organisations or an event in which the sponsor (supporter) publicly endorses an activity and ties its reputation with that of the organisation or event being sponsored. See also, promotion
The rate at which a company turns over staff. A high staff retention level can suggest that employees are satisfied with their current employment arrangements.
A group who has an interest in how a business operates or functions. Examples include management, owners, employees, customers and shareholders, the local community and government. See also, stakeholders
A person or group who has an interest in how a business operates or functions. Examples include management, owners, employees, customers, shareholders, the local community and government. See also, stakeholder groups
The use of products that are identical and so interchangeable
A company that has been started from scratch. Usually used to describe a company still in its preliminary trading stages
A business managed or operated by the government.
An organisation established under a specific law that mandates certain requirements and obligations. Ownership and control of a statutory authority rest with the government. See also, legislation
Long-term goals and objectives (usually 3-5 years).
A long-term intention developed by management that will affect the activities and actions of the business. These decisions could result in major change. See also, strategy
Alliances that are formed by two or more companies that will have a mutual benefit in the medium to long term
The major forward plan by which an organisation sets out to achieve its objectives. See also, business plan, strategic decision
A company where the controlling interest is owned by another company.
A payment, generally by the government or a public sector agency, to the producer or consumer of a good or service, intended to encourage its production, to reduce its cost to consumers or increase competitive advantage
A human resources function whereby an organisation ensures that the successor for a particular role can be found within the organisation, i.e. if an employee leaves, there is someone with the requisite training and experience ready to take over.
A system where money is placed in a fund to provide for a person's retirement, or after a person's death, for the person’s dependants.
The range of suppliers from which the business purchases materials and resources.
Development which meets present community needs without compromising the ability of future generations to achieve their own needs and aspirations. See also, economic sustanability, sustainability, sustainable growth
Development that does not exhaust in the short term those resources that will enable the development to continue in the long term. See also, economic sustanability, sustainability, sustainable development
Choosing supplies for the business operation that minimise environmental impact and use of resources (people, natural and physical).
Capable of being maintained at a steady level without depleting financial, community, or natural resources.
When two or more forces come together and lead to extremely positive outcomes. Expressed mathematically as 2+25!

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