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Meat & Livestock Australia Learning Activities 2009


Questions & Activities

Read the Meat & Livestock Australia 'Caring for livestock exports' Case Study and answer the following questions.


Useful websites are: - The website of Meat & Livestock Australia - The website of the Australian Livestock Export Corporation (LiveCorp). - A website which provides factual information about livestock exports for consumers and key stakeholder groups.




1.  Outline the role of Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), its membership, its funding and its mission and core activities



2.  Outline the role of the following organisations



  • LiveCorp
  • Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)


 3.    Explain the following terms


  • Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL)
  • Livestock exports
  • Livestock Export Licence


4.    Look up the term 'stakeholders' in the Glossary and describe the term. Explain this term in relation to the livestock export industry


5.   Read the Case Study and look at the websites



Identify and briefly describe the major stakeholders involved in the livestock export industry.


6.   Read the Case Study and outline the importance of the livestock export industry to the Australian economy.


7.   Prepare a flow chart showing the pathway of Australian cattle from the farm to the market place.


8.   Explain why the livestock export industry is highly regulated. Outline how the industry has used this high level of regulation in their public relations and marketing.


9.  The campaign 'In the ute, not the boot' was instigated to improve animal welfare and handling in Bahrain. Outline


  • The aim of this campaign
  • How it was implemented
  • Future programs.

10. Explain the role of any of the following persons in the livestock export industry and the welfare of livestock.


  • Ron the stockman
  • Aticia
  • Peter and Sharon.

11.  Below are listed a number of words or terms used in the Case Study.


  • Meat & Livestock Australia
  • 'Is it fit to export?'
  • mortality rates
  • ASEL
  • stakeholder confidence
  • Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
  • training in the Middle East
  • level of exports
  • genetic research
  • stockman
  • valuable food source
  • Brahman cattle


Read the Case Study and prepare a 200 word report using all these words/terms.


Extension activities


1.    You are the writer of a newspaper column that deals with community issues. Readers have asked the following questions.


From concerned of Brighton


Why does Australia need to have a livestock export trade? Why can't we just process the livestock in Australia and export chilled meat?


From David of Northridge


What numbers of livestock are exported, what ports are they exported from and which countries do we export to?  How important is the livestock export industry to regional Australia?


Write an answer to these questions presenting your answers in an interesting format.


Your source of information is the LiveExportCare website, >Get the Facts>About live exports


2.   There are a wide range of people involved in the export of livestock. Read the blogs of Ananbelle, Aticia and Sharon on >Export Diaries


  • Select one of these three women
  • Describe their role in the livestock export industry
  • Explain how you would feel about doing their job.


3.     Read the Business Review Weekly article on July 17-23 2008 titled 'The Business End: Beauty and the Beef' about the livestock export industries "We care" advertising campaign.


Source: >Latest news >2008


  • Summarise the main points made in the article.
  • Explain the aim of the 'We care for Australian animals' advertising campaign.
  • Outline some of the problems the campaign had to overcome.
  • Explain how the campaign focussed on the idea of corporate social responsibility by the livestock export industry.



4.   You are a research assistant for a livestock industry leader who has to give a presentation on the importance of the livestock export industry to the Australian economy.


 Prepare a presentation using PowerPoint © or a similar program. Incorporate charts other statistical data and photos or video clips to support this presentation.




5.    Prepare a poster or brochure outlining the main stages in the supply chain for livestock export of sheep or cattle.


Describe the importance of each stage in ensuring the health and well-being of the livestock.




6. Your school debating club is debating the topic of ‘export of livestock’. Your team has the affirmative side. Your task is to research the arguments in favour of livestock exports.


Identify the arguments you could use to support your side of the debate.






7.   LiveCorp has produced some videos about the Australian export livestock industry.


Go to and view the videos on You Tube.


Choose one video and describe the main points that arise out of the video.


Outline the advantages for the livestock export industry in producing videos of this nature.

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