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Today we are a financial services organisation of nearly 40,000 people, more than 1800 branches and service centres, and more than 450,000 shareholders. We provide products, advice and services through our major Australian franchise and businesses in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States and Asia. We are motivated to make a positive and sustainable impact in the lives of our customers and communities, and so build a business that can deliver on our goal of superior returns to shareholders.

Fast facts about the NAB Group

  • Employees: 38,953
  • Customers: 10.93 million
  • Branches and service centres: 1,808
  • ATMs: 4654
    Source: NAB Annual Shareholder Review 2009

Our beliefs and behaviours

At the heart of our Group is a belief in the potential of our customers and communities, as well as each other.

This shared belief unites us, and motivates us:

  • to do the right thing
  • to help our customers and communities
  • to realise potential

Stemming from these beliefs is a common set of behaviours that asks us to always:

  • be authentic and respectful
  • work together
  • create value through excellence

Our beliefs and behaviours are the foundation of our culture and our brands, and guide our strategy to outperform competitors and deliver superior returns to shareholders.


MLC is the wealth management division of the National Australia Bank (NAB). MLC provides investment, superannuation, insurance and private wealth solutions to corporate and institutional customers.

MLC supports the provision of quality financial advice through its financial planning networks including NAB Financial Planning, Godfrey Pembroke, Garvan Financial Planning, MLC Financial Planning and Apogee Financial Planning.

MLC manages more than $85 billion on behalf of individual investors and corporate customers in Australia (as at September 2009).

MLC uses a 'manager of managers' investment approach. This means MLC does not directly manage investment funds. Instead, MLC's multi-manager options combine the expertise of up to 32 leading investment managers from around the world. This approach gives investors access to a combination of individually selected investment managers providing diversity across asset classes, within asset classes and across investment styles. The aim is to provide greater consistency of performance in variable market conditions compared to a single manager and significantly reduce risk without compromising the overall return. MLC is the third largest multi-manager in the world, with 8% of the world market share (Cerulli Associates - Cerulli Quantitative Update: Global Multi-manager Products 2008).

MLC holds the number one position for personal insurance annual inforce premiums with 14.1% market share (source: DEXX&R Life Analysis as at June 2009) and is the second largest provider of superannuation in Australia with 16.4% market share (source: Plan for Life Quarterly Data System as at June 2009).

MLC is the partner of choice for around 1,300 self-employed aligned and salaried advisers in Australia and holds relationships with more than 3,000 independently owned and licensed advisers who choose MLC's financial solutions to meet the needs of their clients.


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