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Meat & Livestock Australia: Minimising the beef industry's impact on climate change

Minimising the beef industry's impact on climate change

This Case Study highlights ways the red meat industry is limiting its impact on climate change. It outlines the nature of Meat and Livestock Australia and its role in creating an industry-wide climate change strategy.

As a result of reading this Case Study the student should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of climate change in today's world 
  • Recognise the role of MLA in creating an industry wide climate change strategy
  • Explain how the industry has responded to the needs of stakeholders and the concerns of the wider community about climate change
  • Analyse ways the industry is achieving a reduction in emissions and an improvement in carbon sequestration.


Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) is a producer-owned company working in partnership with industry and government to achieve a profitable and sustainable red meat and livestock industry.

Creating a climate change strategy

Grazing is the single most extensive form of land use both in Australia and worldwide.

Responding to stakeholder and community needs

Stakeholders are people who are affected economically, environmentally or socially by the performance and activity of the industry.

Reducing greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases are a natural part of the atmosphere. They absorb and re-radiate the sun's warmth, and maintain the earth's surface temperature at a level necessary to support life.

Improving the carbon cycle

The carbon cycle is the term used to describe how carbon is exchanged between the biosphere, the atmosphere, water and the earth.


For livestock producers, taking care of the environment is a critical part of their day's work. If they do not sustain a healthy environment their future livelihood is at risk.


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Learning Area(s):
  • Change Management | Change issues for business
  • Change Management | Leadership and change
  • Change Management | Managing change effectively
  • Change Management | Sources of change
  • Communication | Effective communication models
  • Entrepreneurship/Innovation | Innovative business
  • Environmental Issues | Carbon footprint
  • Environmental Issues | Climate change
  • Environmental Issues | Greenhouse gases
  • Environmental Issues | Responsibility of industry
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility | Corporate governance
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility | Socially responsible programs and approaches
  • Global Business | Ethical global management
  • Marketing | Ethical/legal marketing decisions
  • Marketing | Marketing analysis and segmentation
  • Marketing | Promotion strategies and their application
  • Operations Management | Ops management evaluation including use of KPIs
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