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BOC: Promoting Gas & Gear through effective change management

Promoting Gas & Gear through effective change management

Throughout the world, many people come into contact with BOC every day, most likely without even being aware of it. BOC is a leading supplier of gases and related products, services and solutions in the South Pacific and its services and products touch almost every area of business, industrial and domestic life.

BOC recently undertook a significant change management process to revolutionalise its Gas & Gear retail outlets. The impact of the change affected staff, consumers and the BOC brand. BOC needed to manage the change very carefully through a well thought out strategy.

By reading this Case Study, students should be able to:

  • Understand the concept of change management
  • Outline the key steps in preparing to undertake a change management process
  • Explain the importance of managing change
  • Understand the role that people and their development play in managing change
  • Understand the importance of engaging people affected by the change
  • Gain support and sponsorship for the change from key stakeholders


Almost every day, a great number of Australians come into contact with BOC without ever knowing it.

What is change management?

Change in any progressive organisation is inevitable. Any business that wants to thrive in an ever-changing world needs to adapt to the environment.

Changing the face of retail

BOC has spent $20 million revamping its Gas & Gear stores nationwide to create a pleasant retail shopping experience as opposed to the industrial supplies store of the past.

Managing the transition

BOC focussed on ensuring the best possible change management process by deciding upon the following course of action:

Communicating with staff

Changes to Gas & Gear were communicated to staff through a series of company meetings at which the changes were explained to staff.

Maintaining a brand

BOC needed to move away from the traditional builders' merchant arrangements in the original Gas & Gear stores.


BOC has effectively achieved a significant change to its business through its change management strategy in the retail chain.


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Associated with:
Learning Area(s):
  • Business Environment | Mission and Objectives
  • Business Environment | The role of business in the economy
  • Change Management | Change issues for business
  • Change Management | Leadership and change
  • Change Management | Managing change effectively
  • Change Management | Sources of change
  • Change Management | Strategic planning
  • Communication | Effective communication models
  • Communication | Team-based communication
  • Employee Relations | Conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Entrepreneurship/Innovation | Fostering innovation within business
  • Entrepreneurship/Innovation | Innovative business
  • Entrepreneurship/Innovation | Product/service innovation
  • Human Resource Management | Human resource planning
  • Human Resource Management | Performance management
  • Human Resource Management | The human resource manager in profile
  • Human Resource Management | Training and development systems and programs
  • Management Skills | Role of leadership
  • Management and ICT | Managing technological change in the workplace
  • Management and ICT | The impact of technology on business
  • Marketing | Product development
  • Operations Management | Facilities design and layout
  • Operations Management | Quality management approaches
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