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Baiada: Revitalising an Australian household name - Corporate social responsibility as part of the brand

Corporate social responsibility as part of the brand

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a form of corporate self regulation integrated into a company’s business model. The goal of CSR isto take responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities and other stakeholders. This is not only the right thing to do, but makes good business sense, with people more likely to buy from, invest in, or work for, companies that act responsibly and ethically.

Baiada had always been very active in the community; however, the limited public awareness of the Baiada brand meant that the community at large was not really aware of this fact. The acquisition of the far more well-known Steggles brand meant that Baiada were able to leverage brand recognition with community support; i.e. develop a CSR strategy that not only enhanced public perception of the brand, but also increased charitable and community support and donations. Once again, it was essential that the business defined clear objectives.

These included:

  • A renewed commitment to the long-standing focus on children’s charities
  • An understanding that helping children and families in need was the main reason for charitable support, with brand recognition a welcome, but a less important, by-product
  • Defined parameters for charity and community support, including clear visibility for employees as to where contributions were being directed, and a focus on causes local to Baiada business sites
  • The appointment of ‘Charity Champions’ at the nine major business sites, with the responsibility of building staff involvement and awareness
  • The identification of new and innovative ways to build financial contribution and awareness of supported charities within the business
  • To be more than just a financial contributor by helping charities in non-financial ways, e.g. assisting with ideas for fundraising, building awareness, leveraging business contacts etc.

The major development in Baiada’s community work was the establishment of the Steggles Roosters Charity Nest after Steggles became the major sponsor for the Sydney Roosters in 2010. Steggles contributed $1000 for every point by which the Roosters beat their opponents, with the Roosters themselves contributing $250 for each point.

Creating a charitable focus outside the business

The association with the Roosters ensured the Steggles Charity Nest, and its benefiting causes, was widely discussed in both sporting and mainstream media. The players visited children’s charities, including the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia and Brisbane Children’s Hospital, along with the half time segment at the Roosters games being made available to the charities to help build awareness. In addition to this, Baiada were provided with corporate rooms on three occasions during the year – these were used once by a charity for fundraising, and twice by Baiada for customer charity events where the company raised money through silent auctions and raffles.

Creating awareness internally

The Charity Champions appointed at each site were invaluable in creating an improved focus on the Charity Nest within the business. They became responsible for reviewing requests for sponsorship and donations in line with established guidelines, driving an increase in salary sacrificing from employees and increasing awareness of supported charities within the workplace. In the last 18 months, staff contributions have increased by 16 percent, with Baiada matching contributions dollar for dollar.

Money raised within the business stays locally, creating a sense of ownership within each business site, rather than employees relying on directives from head office on what should be done with the money they have donated.

Baiada have worked to develop closer relationships with benefiting charities. This allows the business to understand how funds were being used, improving visibility to employees as to where their funds were going, and, most importantly, the benefits to the children and families experiencing difficult times. Being able to directly see the results of donations has created a sense of pride amongst staff.





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