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After the Storm

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Homes in Sydney were recently battered by a number of big storms. First there was the ‘Storm of the Century’ followed only a few days later by an incredible hail storm that made its way through the Blue Mountains, Western Sydney and then the Inner West of Sydney. As a result, many homes were left without power for days.

Power will be restored for the nearly 300,000 households that suffered however for many households the cost of electricity has become a significant problem. During the past five years, electricity bills have gone up 70 per cent. As a result, more and more families have struggled to pay and disconnections have doubled. Last year alone, nearly 33,000 households were taken off the power grid, with low-income households being the hardest hit. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is due to hand down a network price determination, which will set energy costs for the next five years which should  result in a slight decrease in prices.

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