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Nike Football - The Last Game

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Renowned for their innovation, Nike’s latest ad ‘The Last Game’ highlights the importance of taking risks to get ahead. Launched to coincide with The World Cup and with over 43 million views on YouTube, The Last Game is a story about risky football versus safe football. The scientists and the clones want to prove that riskless football is more effective. Ronaldo Fenomeno and the original players disagree and are willing to risk all to prove their point. They create the ‘last game’ to see who is right.

The ad features high profile football players such as Wayne Rooney, Ronaldo Fenomeno, Neymar Junior, Franck Ribery, Tim Howard and more and can be viewed at
To read more about Nike innovation, read the Nike ‘Product development from concept to customer - Anticipating the needs of the consumer’ case study at 
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