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Impact of weather changes on businesses

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Impact of weather changes on businesses

With record temperatures this Autumn, many businesses are facing new challenges.  In particular clothing retailers, who often receive their summer stock as early as July, are now forced to drastically reduce prices on their winter stock as customers enjoy unseasonably warmer weather and have no thoughts of purchasing warmer gear.

Global warming and changes in our climate can have devastating impacts on businesses – something we don’t often think about until the event happens.

For example, read our case study on Insurance and weather in AustraliaInsurance and weather in Australia which focuses on challenges faced by CGU/NRMA.

Read about the impact of current environmental issues faced by retailers herehere.


Blogger Outreach

Online mediums have become a huge way for marketers to reach their desired target audiences.  This Sydney Morning Herald articlearticle focuses on successful bloggers who have made a living out of blogging.  It’s no wonder that companies are turning to more and more online mediums, including blogger outreach, to communicate about their product to their audience.

Read our case study on cosmetics giant L’Oreal and their success in marketing their product through online mediamarketing their product through online media


Census 2016

The next Australian Census is due to take place on the 9th of August when the Australian Bureau of Statistics will count close to 10 million dwellings and around 24 million people in Australia. However this year, more than two thirds of Australia’s population are expected to complete the Census online.  For this reason there have been some calls to boycott the Censuscalls to boycott the Census based on privacy concerns.

Find out more about Census by reading our case study herehere.

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