Thursday, 22 March 2012 14:35

Fujitsu General continues successful winter promotion

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With winter approaching fast, Fujitsu General is once again be running its successful Fujitsu Free Money promotion. 

“Once again, Fujitsu will be rewarding consumers who purchase Australia’s most trusted air conditioning brand,” said Milton Kaloudis, national marketing manager, Fujitsu General. “Retailers and dealers have come to expect and look forward to the Fujitsu Free Money promotion.

“As always, our focus is on supporting retailers by driving foot traffic into stores so we are extremely pleased to be able to respond to market demands and offer the Fujitsu Free Money promotion for another year.

“The public reaction to the Fujitsu Free Money campaign continues to far exceed expectations. The promotion which first ran in 2006 is supported by the biggest investment of any air conditioning supplier across all media,” added Kaloudis.

The Fujitsu Free Money Pre-Paid Visa card promotion began a month earlier than usual on 1 March, and will run until 31 July. Once again, consumers who purchase a Fujitsu General inverter air conditioning system will be offered a pre-paid Visa card, valued at up to $400, via redemption.

“Central to the campaign are key messages that focus on educating consumers about the benefits of using Fujitsu General inverter reverse cycle air conditioning as a cost effective and efficient heating solution. We are continuing to grow the consumer’s awareness that Fujitsu air conditioning is the right choice for comfort in the home, not just in summer, but also in winter.”

The campaign – which features former Australian Cricket captain and brand ambassador, Mark Taylor – is set to run across TV, online and print media, and will be supported by point-of-sale materials for retailers.

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