Friday, 22 March 2013 07:29

Creating effective employee engagement

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1. Engagement needs to be a priority. Make sure it is.
2. Work with integrity. Engagement will never happen if you are disingenuous. You need to genuinely care about your employees’ welfare, development and what they give to the company.
3. Commit to helping staff achieve their potential.
4. Atmosphere counts. Keep it light even if the topics are serious.
5. Try and encourage a reputation for laughter in the office, rather than anger.
6. Your staff have valuable contributions to make: listen to them and respect their opinions.
7. Encourage mutual support amongst colleagues and teams.
8. Dial down the emotion: receive good and bad news in the same manner.
9. Be fair, objective and consistent in your decision making.
10. Be truthful and transparent – and always explain your actions.
11. Correct value destroying (unethical) behaviour
12. Reward value creating (ethical) behaviour
13. Be clear on what’s acceptable, what’s not, and why
14. Ensure your staff make the company values their first priority – not you or your boss
15. Protect your team if others are acting inconsistently with company values
16. Serving the customer comes first – instill a culture of pride around this.
17. Discourage gossiping and politics. These are always destructive behaviours.
18. Give honest, constructive feedback
19. Trust your staff and expect them to reciprocate
20. Ensure everyone gets to speak at team meetings
21. Admit when you are wrong, and apologise when you break one of these rules
22. Encourage a culture of egos staying outside the building
23. Celebrate big wins together
24. Organise offsite events and teambuilding activities
25. Have fun – enjoy being at work