Tuesday, 20 May 2014 12:34

Network Ten’s Wake Up show cancelled

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In the news recently, Network Ten announced program cuts including its new morning news show ‘Wake Up’ featuring Natarsha Belling and James Mathison.  Along with Wake Up, Network Ten's early (6am), morning (11am) and late (10.30pm) news bulletins were also axed.  According to the email announcement to Network Ten staff by TEN CEO Hamish McLennan, “Despite the commitment and enthusiasm of its staff, Wake Up has not resonated with enough viewers to make it a viable program.”

Wake Up has been struggling since its launch last year. After the first two weeks, co-host Natasha Exelby was cut from the program and the following has not been strong enough for the network to continue.

Audience share is particularly important for TV stations and eyes are upon Network Ten to see where they will go to from here in terms of programming. To read more about product development in the media industry, read the Network Ten  ‘Developing World Class Drama’ case study at http://www.afrbiz.com.au/case-studies/network-ten-developing-world-class-drama.htmlhttp://www.afrbiz.com.au/case-studies/network-ten-developing-world-class-drama.html.

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