Wednesday, 14 May 2014 12:15

Australia Post floats user pays model

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Australians may have to pay $30 a year for daily mail delivery or face a less frequent service.  Recently, Australia Post chairman John Stanhope said a user-pays postal system was a viable option after the company's letter operations ­suffered a $218 million loss last year with letter volumes falling by more than 25% from 2008.  Under a user-pays model, residents would pay a yearly fee in addition to the stamp price, which increased from 60¢ to 70¢ in March. Alternatively, they could opt not to pay the fee and switch to a cheaper three day a week mail delivery system.  Fears that mail volumes could completely disappear within the next decade would put the iconic role of the ‘postie’ in jeopardy.

Read Australia Post’s ‘Building the logistics of a nation’ case study here.


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