McDonald's Learning Activities Edition 7

1.      Arrange a group discussion using the topic  Why is it important for McDonald's that French fries bought in Auckland are the same as the ones purchased in Los Angeles? Groups can then present their ideas to the class. This could lead onto a discussion about the McDonald's brand.

2.      Organise a class visit by a franchisee of McDonald's.  Ask them to explain how they became a franchisee, what training they had to undertake and what their job entails.

3.      Design a poster that shows how the New Zealand economy benefits from McDonald's.  Show all the different businesses that benefit and give a short explanation of their involvement.

4.      Interview McDonald's employees who are at different levels of progression through their training.  Investigate what skills and knowledge the different people need/have and compare these.  Then create a situations vacant ad for a specific position highlighting what would be required from the successful applicant.

5.      Set up a role play where a McDonald's manager is interviewing applicants for a job.  Create a list of skills the person would need and possible questions and give this to the interviewer.  Give the interviewees a list of hypothetical skills and characteristics they have. After the interviews have been conducted,  get the class to decide who should get the job and why.

6.      Arrange a discussion on why it would be important to give employees the chance to reach their full potential?

7.      Brainstorm why the quick-service restaurant market is growing.

8.      Investigate McDonald's market share since 1976 and explain reasons for the trend.

9.      Investigate the products offered by McDonald's in 1976 compared to present day.  Identify reasons for the changes.  Use other data to support your ideas.


1.      Discuss what 'urban myth' means.  Brainstorm the urban myths surrounding McDonald's.  Create an advertisement that counters one of these myths.  Present the ad using one form of media, eg TV, radio, poster. Explain who you are targeting with this ad in terms of age, sex, demographic area etc and justify your choice of presentation.

2.      Assume you have been chosen to attend a careers expo where you must promote being an employee at McDonald's.  Prepare a 2 minute speech that would encourage young people to seek employment at McDonald's, rather than another quick-service restaurant.

3.      Conduct a survey on customer satisfaction with McDonald's.  With your findings, prepare a presentation (video, speech, power point, poster etc) that identifies strengths and weaknesses (if any).  Include recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

4.      Debate whether a customer is responsible for their own health or if McDonald's has a social responsibility for the health of people in NZ.

5.      Compare McDonald's food to other quick-serve restaurant food in terms of its nutritional value and content.  Present a seminar on your findings.  The nutritional information on the McDonald's website will help your investigation.