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Telstra is Australia's leading telecommunications and information services company, with one of the best known brands in the country.

We offer a full range of services and compete in all telecommunications markets throughout Australia, providing more than 9.6 million Australian fixed line and more than 9.3 million mobile services, including 3.3 million 3G services.

Our main activities include the provision of:

  • basic access services to most homes and businesses in Australia
  • local and long distance telephone calls in Australia and international calls to and from Australia
  • mobile telecommunications services
  • broadband access and content
  • a comprehensive range of data and Internet services (including through Telstra BigPond®, Australia's leading Internet service provider)
  • management of business customers' IT and/or telecommunications services
  • wholesale services to other carriers, carriage service providers and ISPs
  • advertising, search and information services (through Sensis, Australia's leading directory and search company)
  • cable distribution services for FOXTEL's® cable subscription television services.

One of our major strengths in providing integrated telecommunications services is our vast geographical coverage through both our fixed and mobile network infrastructure. This network and systems infrastructure underpins the carriage and termination of the majority of Australia's domestic and international voice and data telephony traffic.

Telstra owns 50% of FOXTEL®, and its international businesses include:

  • CSL New World Mobility Group, one of Hong Kong's leading mobile operators
  • TelstraClear Limited, the second largest full service carrier in New Zealand
  • Reach Ltd, a provider of global connectivity and international voice and satellite services
  • SouFun Holdings Limited, a leading real estate and furnishings website in China.

Our vision

To know our customers and meet their needs better than anyone else.

Our mission

To do for customers what no one else has done: create a world of 1 click, 1 touch, 1 button, 1 screen, 1 step solutions that are simple, easy and valued by individuals, businesses, enterprises and government.

Customer experience

To give customers a personalised, seamless experience that makes it easy for them to do what they want, when they want to.

Our cultural priorities

  • People. Power
    People are the power behind Telstra.
    And people are empowered to do whatever it takes for our customers.
  • Customer. First
    Every job ultimately affects our customers.
    At Telstra, everyone's first priority is to make sure we care for and about every customer's experience with us.
  • Done. Now
    We get done everything we need to do to satisfy customers.
    And we get it done fast to stay ahead of every competitor.
  • We get it. Together
    Here, everyone understands it takes all of us to give our customers truly integrated solutions.
    It's great when it all comes together.
  • Compete. Win
    Winners are the ones who never stop finding ways to serve our customers better than any competitor. We're not here to compete but to win.
  • Anything. Possible
    We'll do anything to assure our customers a better experience.
    And here, anything is possible.

Useful Links

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The Telstra Marketing AcademyTelstra Marketing Academy


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