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Nike: Product development from concept to customer - Introduction


Nike's 'swoosh' is one of the world's most identifiable logos and, in just 32 years, Nike has grown to be the industry's largest sports and fitness company. Revenue for Nike in financial year 2005 was $US 13.7 billion.

Nike directly employs approximately 24,300 people and Nike's suppliers, shippers, retailers and service providers employ close to one million people on six continents.

Nike's mission is:

'To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.'

According to Bill Bowerman, one of Nike's founders, "If you have a body, you are an athlete."

Nike - Product development from concept to customer

In addition, Nike's corporate responsibility mission is to help the company achieve profitable and sustainable growth and to protect and enhance the brand and company. Nike believes that corporate responsibility work should not be separate from the business, but should instead be fully integrated into it. The company's sustainable growth suggests that Nike will be around for generations to come. The principles of sustainability also require Nike to find ways of generating profit while minimising any potentially negative impact on communities or nature.

Nike's mission statement is intentionally broad and outward looking, focussing on the needs of athletes, and, through its corporate responsibility work, consideration is given to the needs of communities around the world. Nike's focus is to continually seek to innovate, design and develop products to improve athletic performance. Its overriding desire is to design products with true performance innovation and technology benefits which help the athlete perform better. With its latest innovation, Nike scientists and designers have developed Nike Free, a sports shoe described as a foot-strengthening training tool. Tagged 'natural technology', Nike Free has been designed to copy barefoot running. By running barefoot, the foot is strengthened, gaining greater flexibility and range of motion which leads to better performance because you are less prone to injuries.


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