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Business Studies Curriculum

Australian Business Studies Pty Ltd launches FREE Case Studies kit based on Business Studies Curriculum

What is it and how does it relate to the Business Studies Curriculum?

The kit consists of case studies on leading Australian businesses and organisations, fully aligned to the business studies curriculum. Edition Two was delivered FREE to schools in July 2006. The case studies can be used in teaching students the business studies curriculum topics they need to know for HSC.

Australia’s business studies curriculum

The Australian business studies curriculum aims to give students the skills they need to effectively participate in today’s business environment. The business studies curriculum encompasses the theoretical and practical aspects of business and management in contexts which students will encounter in life.

Areas of the business studies curriculum featured

Business studies curriculum areas covered in the case studies include: marketing, entrepreneurship, global business, management and IT and human resource management, operations management, public relations and the business environment

Our writers
Our writers are practicing teachers with on-the-ground experience in teaching and administering the business studies curriculum. All writers are sourced by National Curriculum Services, a subsidiary of the Victorian Commercial Teachers’ Association. The VCTA is widely recognised and acknowledged for its innovative leadership in business education, including business studies curriculum development, and teacher and student support.

The Australian Business Case Studies website
The Australian Business Case Studies website, provides even more information for teachers and students. In addition to the case studies contained in the print kit, it features web-only case studies, news, company information, as well as business studies curriculum-aligned learning activities and lesson plans. The forums allow education professionals to discuss teaching methods and effective ways of implementing the business studies curriculum with their peers.

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