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Welcome to the new school year!

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We are pleased to bring you our first edition of the Australian Business Case Studies newsletter for 2017 connecting current news topics with our educational case studies.

New test for year 1 students as Australian children fall behind

Australia’s six-year-olds are likely to have to show off their counting skills, name shapes and sound out words under a “light touch” test to check their schooling progress after several studies found Australian children were falling behind.  The tests are expected to be a light touch assessment designed to pick up any learning issues with children as early as possible so that intervention can commence immediately.

The Year 1 tests are likely to be based on assessments used in England that involve children verbally identifying letters and sounds in real and made up words, simple counting, recognising numbers, naming shapes and demonstrating basic measurement knowledge.

Read our case study on Lioncrest Education, publishers of educational texts and resources and see how companies like Lioncrest could assist the Department of Education with resources to help prepare students. 

Lioncrest’s product range has expanded over the years from traditional print-based materials to now include a range of technological media such as interactive whiteboard compatible material and audio products.

Housing affordability not that bad says RBA

With much debate in recent years over Australia’s housing affordability crisis, the Reserve Bank of AustraliaReserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has recently commented that declining rates of home ownership aren’t necessarily a bad thing. (Read the article herehere).

Those wishing to enter the housing market need to shop around carefully for the best deals on home loans while taking in to consideration the changing regulations in the industry.

Read how banks like ANZANZ have had to re-evaluate their marketing strategies to align with their brand and ensure customer satisfaction in our case study, Embedding the Brand Through the Business.

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