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Teacher Hints and Strategies


There are various elements of this case study that could be examined in addition to examples of natural disasters that have occurred relatively recently. Students could focus on the business of insurance or look at natural disasters and the impact on communities.


Looking at the potential increase in the incidence of natural disasters, students could research a particular type of natural disaster and examine the risk for the future and what impact that would have on a community/state or the insurance industry. They could focus on one particular area (eg bushfires) and look at data around global warming and the rate of increase bushfires may occur. They could present their findings to the class as a group.


Alternatively, students could look at their own area and do a natural disaster risk management project by researching the likelihood of various natural disasters and the impact these might have on the community. They could then present suggestions as to how the community could become safer and more resilient. Students could also prepare a poster as part of a community education campaign.


As a separate extension activity, students could look at environmental concerns and prepare a community education campaign including slogans, posters and material to highlight relevant issues.  They could look at ways that individuals within the community can help protect the environment and therefore minimise the impact on the environment.


In relation to the insurance industry, students could either (as a group or individually) research some of the economic impacts of natural disasters that have occurred in Australia and report on the cost to the insurance industry.


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