Nike Teaching Hints & Strategies Edition 7

The Case Study is an insightful and engaging insight into product development, branding and marketing and approaches to the Case Study may vary. Most students are aware of the Nike brand. It is a household name with the swoosh being one of the most recognisable logos and the phrase “Just do it” now incorporated in day-to-day conversation. Students do not have to be interested in sport to undertake this topic. Sports shoes are part of most adolescent wardrobes and the company’s products are not confined to sporting gear, but extend to fashion items.

You could commence by asking students to view the Nike website – note the images, fashions and music. Sections of the site allows students to view the music clip and learn the dance moves. 

Discuss the likely target audience for sections of the website. Why would Nike want its website to be attractive to this age group?

Working in groups:

·        Students list Nike products they may have seen in advertisements in the past year

·        Classify these products as either Nike shoes or other Nike products

·        Suggest reasons why they would purchase particular Nike shoes and products.

Groups report back to the class. This could be followed by a general discussion of the factors motivating consumers in the purchase of sports equipment. List each factor suggested by groups on the board to focus student discussions.

If a sports shop is in the area, a representative could be invited to explain how customers are assisted to select sports shoes. If a sports club is in the region – particularly an athletic or football club – a player or coach could be asked to talk with students the importance of using the right shoe/boot. Alternatively, you could invite a physical education teacher to speak to the class.