Worley Parsons Learning Activities 2008


1. Define the term globalisation.



  1. A greener planet Over the last few years there has been a significant shift in society in relation to creating a more sustainable future.  Given that WorleyParsons operates in industry sectors that are at the forefront of this challenge, the pressure to operate in a sustainable manner is paramount.
  • Form into groups of no more than four students.
  • Your teacher will instruct some groups to prepare a media release on behalf of WorleyParsons that summarises WorleyParsons commitment to triple-bottom line objectives.  In addition this group will also need to suggest at least three more strategies that WorleyParsons should incorporate within their business model in order to operate in a more socially responsible and sustainable manner.
  • Your teacher will instruct the other groups to prepare a media release on behalf of  different social or pressure groups to highlight the negative consequences associated with the production of these industry sectors.  One group will also be directed to focus on the negative consequences of globalisation, in particular looking at exploitation of resources in poorer countries as well as global economic power.
  • Ensure that the media releases look professional and include a graphic.
  • Present the media release to the class, using multimedia equipment to make the presentation look truly professional.  Consider dressing appropriately for the occasion.


  • This activity might then extend to a debate; check with your teacher about the possibility of this.
  • You could invite a representative from Worley/Parsons and/or an environmental organisation such as the Australian Conservation Foundation to hear the presentations.
  • You will need to do further research.  Investigate how media releases are set out by visiting www.worleyparsons.comwww.worleyparsons.com, click on about us or Company Reports and/orwww.acfonline.org.auwww.acfonline.org.au (click on Media information) and other sites.
  • WorleyParsons has a very well set out website which makes it fairly easy to find much more information.  Get your teacher to explain any of the more sophisticated industry-speak.