Woodside Learning Activities 2006


1.  Why is LNG such an important part of Woodside's business? What is the future outlook for this market?

{reg}2. Why would Woodside use joint ventures as a way to grow its business?

3. What factors would need to be considered when looking at joint venture opportunities? 

4. What strategies did Woodside use to grow its business internationally?

5. How could globalisation lead to changes in the recruiting practices of a company like Woodside?

6. Outline the economic benefits Woodside provides to the economy through its operations.

7. Visit Prepare a summary of Woodside's approach to its social and ethical responsibilities (be sure to include details on the Corporate Code of Conduct, environmental policy etc.)


1. Develop a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) for Woodside's business in this globalised business environment.

{reg}2. Go to Using the images available on this site, prepare a collage that represents the range of company activities from which Woodside earns its revenue. Then using a blank map of the world, develop a key that highlights the countries in which Woodside operates.

3. As a truly global business Woodside employees may expect to work for the company overseas at some stage. Design a booklet for new Woodside employees outlining the benefits of working for a global company. Be sure to use a mixture of text and visuals to make the document user-friendly.

4. Develop a marketing campaign aimed at promoting the substantial benefits of LNG to countries to which Woodside has yet to sell. In your campaign develop a new logo, slogan and information brochure about Woodside and LNG. At the completion of the project, present your marketing strategy to the class.

5. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the impact globalisation has had on Australian businesses, including social and ethical responsibilities. Use relevant Australian company examples to support your presentation.

6. Prepare a one-page press release for Woodside that announces to the public its commitment to corporate citizenship.