The Institute of Chartered Accountants Learning Activities 2010


Read ‘Bringing experience to future leaders: The Chartered Accountants Student Challenge’ Case Study and answer the following questions:

  • Describe what is meant by Corporate Social Responsibility
  • List three reasons why Corporate Social Responsibility is important
  • Describe what Web 2.0 means
  • Find three examples of how big businesses have used Web 2.0 for their business solutions
  • Outline three benefits of The Student Challenge for not for profit organisation The Smith Family
  • Outline key characteristics (list at least ten) of Generation Y.
  • Outline the difference between advertising, marketing and public relations.


  • Look up one other big business featured on the website.  What kind of CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities are they undertaking?  Who does it benefit and how?  What are the benefits to the stakeholders of the organisation?
  • Think of an organisation in your area.  Create an idea for a Corporate Social Responsibility program for them.  Outline the benefits and the receivers and how the program could be implemented.
  • What are some more ways that The Institute could engage with Chartered Accounting students using Web 2.0 platform?