Reckitt Benckiser Learning Activities 2011 Featured



1. Outline the factors that contributed to the success of Reckitt-Benckiser (RB) following their merger in 1999.

2. What was the overall aim of RB’s strategy?

3. RB had three main components to their strategy. What were they?

4. Explain what a Powerbrand is and give examples.

5. Describe how RB use brand recognition to promote their products world wide.

6. Explain why innovation is important to RB and what strategies they use to generate new ideas.

7. Outline RBs four core values used during recruitment to determine if they have got the right person for the job.

8. Discuss how RB uses constructive conflict at their meetings to aid their decision-making.

9. Explain why diversity is important to RB.

10. What strategies does RB employ to ensure they get their ideas to market first?

11. Outline the roles of the two cost-cutting teams RB has set up to keep costs under control.

12. Explain the different types of leadership styles and where the management team at RB fit within the model.



1.’ Reckitt-Benckisers success is not due to their innovative products, but to having a better marketing strategy than their competitors’. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons why.

2. Consider your favourite teacher. What leadership style do you think he or she uses?  In general, do you think students prefer a teacher who is more authoritarian or more delegative/laissez faire? Explain your preference.

3. Find two job ads for management or executive positions. What leadership qualities are mentioned in these ads?