Nike Learning Activities Edition 7 Featured


1. Write a letter to a newspaper, or prepare a short article, explaining how Nike researches and develops new products.

2. Develop a flow diagram to illustrate the research undertaken using athletes and high-tech instruments by Nike's Kitchen to develop Nike Free.

3. Design a poster identifying the methods used by Nike to test Nike Free.

4. You are a sales assistant in a Niketown store. Write a blog telling your Nike colleagues about the Internet-based training you underwent to ensure that you fully understand all the features of Nike products, especially Nike Free.

5. Visit the Nike Free website  As a class, discuss the look and feel of the website and identify how this, and the content of the site, complements Nike's overall mission.

6. Assume you are to make a presentation on Nike Free to the local sporting club (select a sport that interests you and that involves running in some capacity). Design a PowerPoint illustrating the benefits that runners will gain when using Nike Free for training. To assist you, use Nike's;;bsessionid=ZZUYX


1. Nike Free is a shoe designed to give runners the feeling and benefits of running in bare feet. However, the idea of running in bare feet could be seen as a contradiction to the foundation stone of Nike, the world's leading athletic shoe company. You are the Marketing Manager of Nike. Write a report stating how a 'barefoot' shoe will complement Nike's shoe range.  What are the benefits the shoe gives runners?

2. Examine Nike's website ( Study how the site is set out and each link within the site.

a. Look at the use of colours and images used in the website. What is the image that these colours and images seek to promote?

b. How is the Nike swoosh logo used?

c. How are video clips used within the links? In particular, how is the Nike Free link used?

d. What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

e. Give examples of how Nike uses its website for:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising.

f. The Internet is an integral part of marketing and advertising products. Discuss. In your discussion you should refer to examples of how Nike has used the Internet in both marketing and advertising of their products.