Meat & Livestock Australia Learning Activities 2008


1. Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) is a producer owned company. Outline the role of the MLA, its mission and core activities. Describethe services it provides to the industry.

For information:

  •  go to:  and go to top right-hand side and click on 'About MLA'.  



1.  As an expert in the area of greenhouse gas emission, the MLA has asked you to speak at a meeting of cattle producers and industry representatives outlining the effect of greenhouse gas emissions on Australia and the cattle industry. 


  • The effects of greenhouse gas emissions
  • The role of the MLA in adapting industry practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the industry.  

The information for this Extension Activity can be found at  Use the Search button and type in 'greenhouse gas emissions'. 

Present the information in a way that would be interesting to listeners, for example PowerPoint ® presentation, Photostory ® or video.