Meat & Livestock Australia Learning Activities 2007


1. Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) is working to improve the environmental sustainability of the red meat industry. Design a web page or prepare a brochure explaining how four of the following could impact on the environment:

  • biodiversity
  • climate change
  • emissions
  • soil
  • water
  • pasture

For information on these issues:

  • read the Case Study
  • go to>Topic Hierarchy>Research and Development
  • use the Search button on the MLA Home Page



1. You have been asked to speak at a meeting of beef producers outlining the focus of research and development (R&D) programs for the next five years. Read the Livestock Production Research & Development Strategic Plan 2006-2011, 'Executive Summary' and 'Action Plan'


  • the aims of the plan
  • how MLA intends to achieve these aims.

The information for this Extension Activity can be found at>Topic Hierarchy>Research and Development.

Present the information in a way that would be interesting to listeners.