Meat & Livestock Australia Learning Activities 2006 - Global Markets


  • Review the AFR article and the Meat & Livestock Australia Case Study entitled Global market differentiation through science and systems
  • Look up

Answer the following questions:

Review Sections 1 and 2 of the Meat & Livestock Association Case Study.  Which core activity of the Meat & Livestock Association does the example of the Japanese Prime Minister's visit to the USA best illustrate?  What did that visit reveal to Australian producers of beef?

What factors affect the size of the beef markets in Japan and South Korea?

Outline the difficulties that US beef might find in penetrating the Japanese and South Korean markets.

What is likely to happen to Australia's share of the Japanese and South Korean beef markets?  Outline some strategies that the Australian producers might need to adopt to maintain or improve market share.

The topic of meat and livestock is not inherently interesting to many students so every opportunity needs to be taken to enliven the topic with examples and news.  There have been local newspaper articles on marbled beef for the Japanese market place (Wagyu beef) as well as web site opportunities such as where there is further detail on the export story and the differentiation of the product in the market place.