Crazy Johns Learning Activities 2005 - Entrepreneurship


  • Review the AFR article and the Crazy John's Case Studies entitled Turning a good idea into commercial success and Service the Crazy John's way
  • Look up
    Answer the following questions:

What major change is John Ilhan foreshadowing for his business next year?  Outline some of the issues that he is facing in making this change.

"Failure is part of life.  To be successful, you need to fail.  The more failures you have, the more successes you will have…." John Ilhan, September 2006.

Discuss this quotation. Outline what you think he means and include in your answer, the qualities that you think he is describing for successful entrepreneurship.

Outline the strategies that you consider John Ilhan uses to motivate and develop staff.  Why do you think that he takes a very active interest in these strategies?

Discuss the approach taken by Crazy John's to marketing their products.  Why does John Ilhan place great importance on marketing?

Students should be encouraged to access both Case Studies as essential background for the questions outlined above?
There is likely to be ongoing publicity about the Crazy John's/Telstra legal issues during 2006 and possibly beyond.  Some students might be given the responsibility to track those events and report back to the class.