Coates Learning Activities 2006 - Growing the Business


  • Review the AFR articles and the Coates Case Study entitled The Coates Way
  • Look up
    Answer the following questions:

Describe at least two methods by which Coates has developed (or grown) the business in the last financial year, using examples to illustrate your answer.


Identify possible problems relating to business growth.


How does Coates ensure that it is very competitive in the market place?  You may find Sections 1 and 7 of the Coates Case Study to be helpful in drafting your answer, as well as the other sources listed above.


Assume that you are shareholder in Coates.  Present two summaries - one outlining why you are satisfied with the year's results and another outlining why you are not satisfied with the year's results.  In both outlines, provide examples to illustrate your answers.  You may need to imagine some circumstances to assist your answers.

The last question is of a higher order in difficulty and students will need to be rewarded for using their imagination and drawing in examples derived from other Case Studies or materials.


If students have an equipment hire business in their local area, other than Coates, they may be able to undertake a small Case Study of their own on that business, illustrating the similarities and differences between Coates and that business.