Baiada Learning Activities Edition 7



1. What are some of the issues company management faces when undergoing a merger or acquisition?

2. What were the different steps in the Steggles brand revitalisation program?

3. What are brand positioning and brand values? What were the critical areas that Baiada needed to address?

4. Why do companies undertake Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) programs?

5. What benefits did Baiada see from the brand revitalisation campaign?


1. Focus groups are a key part of market research campaigns and are ideal way to obtain direct product feedback from a target demographic. In groups, identify a brand (choose a household name)

Assemble focus groups from members of your school community. After obtaining the relevant permission organise an appropriate time and location to work with these students. Make the venue interesting, have music playing in the background, perhaps have a laptop ready and so on

Prepare a set of questions to find out how your focus group feels about your chosen brand. You will need to be very prepared and have someone in the group record the information.  Group members will need to have specific roles, such as asking the questions, recording the information etc.

Some possible things to find out are:

  • What they like about the brand
  • What they don’t like
  • Whether they would be prepared to spend money on the brand
  • What they think of the brand’s marketing and creative(TV/print/online adverts, etc, logo, tagline, special promotions etc)
  •  Comparisons with similar products

2. Using the information gained from your focus group activity, draw up your own brand revitalisation campaign, including the following areas:

  • Brand positioning and brand values (explaining why you have chosen these)
  • A new creative and what this represents
  • A marketing campaign, explaining why you have chosen the various elements

This activity could be undertaken individually, or in groups. Information about current market share, brand values etc should be available on most company websites. You should explain why you think the current campaign could be improved upon.