7-Eleven Learning Activities 2009


1. Explain the meaning of franchising as a type of business ownership.



1. Tough Competition – SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis is one of the most commonly used business tools allowing a user to take a snapshot of a businesses’ situation. Sometimes a SWOT Analysis is called a situational analysis. A SWOT Analysis investigates strengths and weaknesses that exist as part of the internal environment of the business, such as well-trained staff or outdated equipment. A SWOT analysis is also used to identify possible opportunities or threats that exist in the external or macro environment, such as new market segments or increased competition.

a.  Using the material in this case study conduct a SWOT analysis on the operations of 7-Eleven Australia. List 3-5 clearly explained points for each category. You can even rank each point in order of importance.

b. In pairs conduct a SWOT analysis on a 7-Eleven store with which you are familiar. If you don’t have 7-Eleven in your local area perform the SWOT analysis on some other convenience store.

c. Share and discuss the results as a class. As a class you should compare and contrast the findings in relation to different types of convenience outlets including: Dedicated convenience stores such as 7-Eleven and Quix Petrol stations Supermarket and petrol co-branded ventures such as Woolworths/Caltex and Coles/ Shell Local milk bars Any other type of convenience outlet.