Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Ensuring sustainable global development

This Case Study profiles how BHP Billiton has promoted and maintained sustainable development and so...

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Each of the business case studies is constructed around a key element of the business studies curriculum. By using real information from the sponsoring companies, the online case studies bring to life the complexities of business and help students engage and learn.

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Census Test underway

Census Test underway
Every five years, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) undertakes the Australian Census – one of the largest and most important statistic collections undertaken by the ABS. The data is used...

McHappy Day – the value of supporting charities

McHappy Day – the value of supporting charities
This Saturday 14th November in Australia is McHappy Day, an initiative that raises funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities that support families of seriously ill children across the country. Every...

Sports sponsorship in a COVID world

Sports sponsorship in a COVID world
Since the pandemic hit earlier this year, mass gatherings have been cancelled and community sport seasons all but wipes out. Sporting codes rely heavily on sponsorship – from grass roots community...

Drought is the new normal

Drought is the new normal
Following a significant blow from long-term drought conditions in Australia, dairy giant Fonterra recently announced a $820million write-down after a review of its key assets. The company...

Everything old is new again

Everything old is new again
Fast-food franchise KFC is revitalising its old name ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ in Australia. Unclear exactly why the company is reverting to its original name, which was ditched back...
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