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Building your brand


Benefits to your business

Your case study in Australian Business Case Studies will build your brand amongst the consumers of today and tomorrow. Learning how you meet the needs of your customers will lead to more purchases and profit. You'll achieve this in a way that helps young people improve their exam grades and understand more about the businesses that that supply the goods and services they consume.

What would you like to say to 600,000 young consumers?


Some of the messages you may like to share are shown below. The business studies curriculum topic that would deliver that message is also shown in brackets.


You have an exciting new product or service that would interest this demographic (Product development/Promotion


You would like to position yourself as an innovative business that meets its customers' changing needs (Fostering innovation within business/Innovative products & services)

Creating competitive advantage involves understanding the customer better than they understand themselves. You're committed to recognising and anticipating needs and invest heavily in this important function (Market research).

You look after your customers because you want regular, repeat business so they continue to purchase from you (Customer Service/Stakeholders).


You will receive a full statistical breakdown on web traffic for your case study including downloads made so you can assess your return on investment. You'll also learn of the impact of the case study on opinions through web polls and focus groups.

Commission a case study for your business

If your company or organisation would like to be part of Australia & New Zealand's best case study resource, apply for a case study online or phone us on 
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